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Dec 2013

The ability to analyze legal problems and the art of negotiation translates to many areas. When a client requested that Lane Hasler assist his wife with difficulties she was having with her university, he examined the situation and determined that the university was in violation of the federal statute known as Title IX when it failed her for missing class due to complications in her pregnancy and delivery. The university refused an opportunity to voluntarily correct its violation, so BLHPC assembled a legal team including the National Women�s Law Center to file a complaint with the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights. This prompted the university to retain special counsel and a comprehensive settlement was reached after extensive negotiations. BLHPC�s client is allowed to complete the classes in which she was failed and received a cash payment. The university also agreed to implement new rules in its student handbook covering Title IX issues and to conduct faculty training. BLHPC is ready to take this experience to assist any women experiencing difficulty in getting her school to provide accommodations during her pregnancy and delivery or suffering discrimination after delivery.

Nov 2013

Bankruptcy is a specialized area of the law, one that can quickly become a problem for a client if their counsel does not regularly handle bankruptcy matters. In November, B. Lane Hasler was retained to takeover a pending chapter 11 reorganization filed by the company�s regular outside counsel who, while an excellent corporate attorney, had never done a chapter 11 bankruptcy case. In a short time period and under the threat of a pending motion to dismiss the bankruptcy case, B. Lane Hasler sorted out issues with the required bankruptcy schedules and statements, defeated the motion to dismiss, and set the client on a path toward either a negotiated resolution with its primary creditor or a plan of reorganization.

Oct 2013

A homeowner facing a middle six figure lien foreclosure suit by a subcontractor contacted B. Lane Hasler upon receiving the summons. In connection with a private funding of a mid-sized limited liability company, B. Lane Hasler prepared a warrant providing the funder with the option to acquire an equity stake. As part of this enhancement of the funder�s potential return, the existing member Buy-Sell Agreement had to be redrafted to recognize the expansion of the potential membership base from under 20 members located primarily in California to over 50 members located across the United States. This unique feature of the funding was negotiated with multiple counsel and closed in three weeks from its original proposal.

Sep 2013

A homeowner facing a middle six figure lien foreclosure suit by a subcontractor contacted B. Lane Hasler upon receiving the summons. After reviewing the lien, the underlying contract and invoices, and interviewing the contractor and architect for the home renovation, Lane identified errors in the lien. This information allowed a settlement offer to be proposed which, after being rejected, lead to Lane preparing and filing an answer and counterclaims. Upon seeing its dim prospects for winning spelled out in the pleadings, the subcontractor agreed to a �nuisance� amount to settle the case.

Aug 2013

On behalf of a regional bank, B. Lane Hasler assisted in the sale of the bank�s claim against a chapter 7 debtor. As part of the sale process. Lane convinced the debtor to cooperate in the transfer of information to the claim buyer and the exit of the bank from the case. Post-sale, Lane headed off claims against the bank due to the actions of the claims buyer.

Jul 2013

A commercial real estate venture operating a shopping center which was recovering from the loss of tenants during the past economic cycle faced a maturing loan and was unqualified for a traditional refinancing. B. Lane Hasler negotiated a forbearance agreement that provided time for completion of a leasing program to restore the facility to occupancy. During the forbearance period, additional equity was brought in and an institutional lender took out the existing loan. The client avoided bankruptcy, kept its business private, and maintained control.

Jun 2013

On behalf of an individual in default on a bank loan secured by rental real estate apartments, B. Lane Hasler negotiated a forbearance agreement that provided time for the individual to market and sell the apartments in market transactions rather than foreclosure. After the last unit sold, B. Lane Hasler negotiated a deal with the bank allowing the individual to pay over 5 years at 2.75% interest the amount of the loan still due. The individual avoided bankruptcy, realized a greater price for the rental units and got a payment plan that he can handle.

May 2013

On behalf of a corporate client, B. Lane Hasler renegotiated a loan agreement with a local bank resulting in payment terms which fit current operating results. A key aspect of the project was explaining to the local bank how it would fare if the corporate client were required to reorganize under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. Full and understandable disclosure of financial data was critical to convincing the local bank that an out-of-court restructuring of the loan was in everyone's best interest.

Apr 2013

B. Lane Hasler was brought in as replacement chapter 11 counsel for a healthcare company after original counsel failed to obtain approval from the Bankruptcy Court for the company to use its cash so it faced immediate shut-down. Over the objections of the secured creditor, B. Lane Hasler presented a comprehensive outline of the company's prospects that convinced the Court to enter an order authorizing use of cash. Going forward, B. Lane Hasler PC is working with the company and its secured creditor to craft a plan of reorganization.

Mar 2013

B. Lane Hasler found and arranged the seizure of a $25,000 bank account for a client with a judgment obtained four years prior and which was thought to be uncollectible. After the seizure, B. Lane Hasler negotiated with the client's former customer and reached a settlement that provides for a release of a portion of the $25,000 in exchange for a greater payout over time guaranteed by a third party.

Feb 2013

B. Lane Hasler negotiated a payment plan for a loan by a company to a supplier thought to be uncollectable given the supplier's alleged financial condition and the poor loan documentation prepared by prior counsel. B. Lane Hasler documented the payment plan which included collateral in order to motivate the supplier to make its monthly and annual payments and provide a backstop should the supplier default.

Jan 2013

B. Lane Hasler negotiated the settlement of a high six-figure mechanics lien for a homeowner whose contractor went out of business leaving a trail of unpaid subcontractors and suppliers. The mechanics lien claimant failed to adhere to all of the requirements under the applicable statutes, but the litigation risk as to the materiality of non-compliance and the litigation cost remained. The key to the settlement was making each side recognize the risks and benefits of litigation.

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